5 Steps to Rapid Mobile App Creation

Mobile Application

It is no surprise that mobile phone users are growing day by day compared to desktop users. This is rather expected as mobile phones are coming with far better features than before and there is just an overall sense of ease when it comes to using smartphones.

This is not to say that using desktops or laptops is difficult but when one makes a comparison then it is pretty easy to understand mobile phones will win that battle. This is why it is recommended that businesses should tap into the potential of the world of smartphones.

One can use that potential to develop their business and make it reach new heights. One such way in which that can be achieved by creating a mobile application that is suited to the requirements of your business.

However, this leads us to a question of how exactly can one develop their own mobile application. In this article, we have attempted to answer that exact question. To make things easier for the readers the entire process of mobile application development has been divided into five steps. Those 5 steps are mentioned below.

1. Find a Good Web Developer
There are pretty good chances that while you would want to develop a mobile application but you might not necessarily have all the correct information with you. This is why it is best for you to find a good web developer and hire his or her services.

This web developer will be with you every step of the way and can help you in dealing with any challenge or issue that you might face. It is also suggested that you should conduct a thorough interviewing procedure to make sure that you only hire the best web developer who is also able to understand what you want and could help you in achieving that.

2. Rapidly Prototype Your UI Using jQuery Mobile
One of the best ways in which you can ensure that you get the possible mobile application is by quickly prototyping your design with the help of jQuery Mobile. Once your mobile app developer helps you in creating a stable prototype then you should quickly evolve it so you can have the best features in your hand. This would also allow you to get quicker feedback.

3. Get User Feedback Using a Service like uTest
uTest is a platform in which one can test software and get the required feedback. This is a feature for many developers out there who quickly wish to understand what they did right and what all they can do to improve their mobile application. Hence, once you feel that you are satisfied with the prototype of your mobile application then you should head on to uTest or some other similar service to get the appropriate feedback on your mobile application. This ensures that you are following the correct track and are on your way to developing the best mobile application which is suited for your requirements.

4. Speed Up Packaging Using PhoneGap Build
The next step which you need to follow is to package your mobile application and speed up the entire process with the help of PhoneGap Build. There are many experts who swear by the benefits of PhoneGap Build. To begin you simply upload a zip file that contains the www directory of your application. You can then add a couple of custom tags to guide how the packaging process should take place.

5. Distribute Worldwide
Once you have completed the entire development procedure then the next thing that you need to do is simply distribute your mobile application all across the globe. It is also advised that you should get the help of marketing to aid you in the distribution procedure.

Wrap Up
These are all the major steps that you need to follow to rapidly develop your mobile application. However, these steps are not to follow and accomplish. Hence, if you think that you require proper assistance then we suggest that you should hire the professional mobile app development services from Flit Webs. Flit Webs have an entire team of dedicated, talented, and experienced developers who are apt at understanding your requirements and providing you with an excellent solution that solves all your worry.