Why Choose AngularJs Development For Ionic Application

Angularjs development

AngularJS is a useful framework that provides developers with relevant tools and platforms for developing mobile-friendly applications for all the platforms. AngularJS comes with features for interacting with backend services and external data sources.

Building mobile apps with AngularJS is highly efficient because of the read-made and easy to use advanced software development practices. As per google trends, It is adopted by developers at an increasing rate. It can help us take advantage of the growing number of libraries and add-ons which are created by the community.

Benefits of Choosing AngularJS for Ionic Application

  • The use of AngularJS for Ionic Application has eased the work of the developers by allowing them to write one single development code across all the mobile platforms rather than writing separate codes for individual operating systems. This has to lead to a reduction in development as well as the maintenance cost by allowing one single app to run on all mobile platforms like Android, Microsoft, IOS, etc
  • Using AngularJS for Ionic Application can be used to develop the finest and powerful SDK apt for building robust mobile apps for various app stores like Apple Store, Windows and Google Play.
  • It helps in providing ready-made components for mobile with themes and typography adapting to different platforms. There are many CSS tools like Form Inputs, Tabs, Navigation, Buttons, etc.
  • The grouping of AngularJS and Ionic helps in build fast and scalable apps, which offers various services like analytics and push notifications.

AngularJS uses the POJO (Plain Old Java Scripts) model. The well planned and quick POJO model enables spontaneous and well-planned objects. It is one of the reasons that AngularJS is preferred for Ionic Application for the development project. It helps in preventing the adding up of extra getter and setter basics to bind AngularJS with additional data sources.

Since it is maintained by Google, therefore in case of any maintenance issues there are many forums where one can get the queries resolved. It has strong community support.

Because AngularJS is an open-source script hence the model is based on MVC patterns. The Model View controller framework is easy, dynamic and versatile. MVC makes it easy to build a client-side application. AngularJS can be used to combine the MVC elements even if they are made separately.

It uses HTML language to develop user applications. It gives AngularJS an edge over other JavaScripts which are complicated to understand and develop. Hence it enables the user to quickly design the intuitive interface.

Advantages of AngularJS Over Other Frameworks
* Flexibility to create a web application swiftly and easily.
* It requires less coding for providing the same functionality.
* It is easy to maintain and adapt.
* The code developed is unit testable.
* Angular JS applications are supported by all the major desktop browsers and smartphones.

The above-listed features of AngularJS provide compelling reasons to use AngularJS for application development for Ionic. Flit Webs is a web design and app development company in India that uses the AngularJS framework for providing various services in mobile app development.