Advantages of Favouring Swift For iOS Development

Swift iOS App Development

After the release of Objective-C language, it had become a prominent and a most preferred language for iOS app improvement for various Apple platforms such as Mac, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. However, if you check out any online forums dedicated to iOS development, you will see the discussions amongst iOS development enthusiasts about whether to choose Swift or Objective-C language for iOS development.

Swift and Objective-C, both are object-oriented programming languages and there is a dilemma for iOS developers to choose which one among two for the iOS development.

However, if you dig deep, you will find that most of the iOS developers choose Swift development over Objective-C due to various reasons. In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of choosing Swift for iOS development over other programming languages. Stay tuned!

* First and foremost, by using Swift for iOS development, you are reducing the efforts of the developers. One of the issues of Objective-C is that the developer has to do extra coding for string manipulation, string concatenation and elegance branch. However, this is not the case with Swift. It is an advantage that makes Swift a more preferred language for iOS development.

* Thanks to the release of iOS 8, there are new dynamic libraries available for developers to take help from. Before that, there were static libraries. With dynamic libraries, an iOS developer can hyperlink the changes and updates and that can be incorporated to the new latest Swift version. These dynamic libraries are in the form of executable code and are available in the app package deal and can be downloaded easily.

* One of the most important features of Swift is that it is easy to learn, read and write. Even beginners can easily use the language for simple iOS app development. All those legacy conventions are removed such as parenthesis, @photograph, semicolons and internal square braces. It has made it possible for newbies to develop robust iOS apps with little knowledge. All you need to do is to hire a Swift development company and tell your requirements.

* Earlier, to maintain code documents was a tiresome task in Objective-C language development for app performance and Speed. However, it is not the case with the Swift as it has X-code and LLVM compiler.

* Here, the compilers discover different dependencies and integrate all the documents for implementation and Objective-C header in one code file. In turn, here, the workload, duties and bookkeeping reduce to a great extent. The role of iOS developer becomes more clear and streamlined during the Swift Development.

* The risk of app crashing is high in Objective-C language due to the null guidelines. Furthermore, it takes a great lot of time of the iOS developer to find those discrepancies and fix them. On the other hand, in Swift Development, compiler errors are created for the bad coding and can be fixed easily by the developers and save a lot of time and efforts of the developers.

These are some of the most notable advantages of choosing Swift app development. However, before you go for it, discuss with the app stakeholders about the issue and decide accordingly.