Why Startups Must Go for Android First Development

Android app for startups

Start-ups may get quite confused as to which platform they should take for the development of apps. It may get quite confusing choosing between Android and Apple, but it is obviously a must to go with the android for a few specific reasons.

One important reason in favor of this is that android has practically very less number of restrictions over any other platform.

Due to this reason alone, the start-ups should go for the development of the apps in the Google Play store rather than the Apple App store. Android development has a lot of benefits, and it will be highly beneficial to stick with android development for start-ups.

Reasons to start with Android
When one looks at the present market, the number of Android users is way more when compared to the iPhone users, and this trend is not likely to change in anytime future as well. The majority of the market is still controlled by Android, so it only makes sense to start the development with Android.

Apps Release Every Year in Different Platforms
As of in 2017, the App store of Apple came up the repercussions that led to a strict approval policy in the App store. As a result, the number of apps decreased there. By that same time, the numbers of new apps were almost double in the Google Play Store.

More Money in Android
The Apple App store undeniably generates greater revenue due to their business policies. However, Google Play store has also come up with lucrative offers, and as a result, the android first development can prove to be greatly beneficial in terms of money making. Rapid iteration is one of the main reasons behind the success of the apps in android. The Android environment is way more flexible than any other platform, hence the advantage.

Better User Acquisition
The user acquisition is reportedly much cheaper in android than any other platform. These helped the android app developers to get more target users. These users were greatly enthusiastic, and this made the job much easier.

Better Popularity
Even with a huge number of users in the Android platform, it was of no surety that the apps will be equally popular. However, recent records have shown that the app developments in the Android platform have been of great quality and as a result, the popularity of the android apps has greatly increased over apps of any other platform. Another fact responsible for this is that a lot of quality Android apps are provided to the users for free, which platforms like Apple barely does. Even with apps that have the same quality over different platforms, it is of no surprise if the users choose the free ones.

Therefore, we can see that the android first development for start-ups is definitely the one to go for. If you wish to develop an Android application for your Startup, contact us now!