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How do I enable/disable privacy protection for whois of my domain?

  1. In order to Enable/Disable Privacy Protection feature of your domain name registered with Flit Webs, you need to login to your Flit Webs account. Go to and click on My Account.1
  2. Enter your Registered Email Address (Username) and Password with Flit Webs and click on the Login.Flit Webs Login
  3. In the List of Orders page, click on your domain name for which you want to Enable/Disable Privacy Protection.Manage order page Flit Webs
  4. In the Domain Registration section, Click on Privacy Protection.Domain Page
  5. Select Enable / Disable Privacy Protection as per your preference and click on Update Privacy Protection Status.5
  6. Please allow 1-2 hours for the Personal Information to be Protected/Visible across all the Whois Lookup Database.6

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If you want to implement privacy protection for your domain, create a ticket we will do the same