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CodeIgniter is a software which is characterized as being open source. This software is primarily used for the quicker development of web frameworks. It can also be used for dynamic and interactive websites with the help of PHP. The original author or CodeIgniter is EllisLab and the British Columbia Institute of Technology is its developer. CodeIgniter was also initially released on 28 February 2006 and since then it has had many stable releases.

CodeIgniter further provides its users with out of the box libraries which can be used for connecting to the database. These libraries also help in performing other functions. Some of those functions include uploading files, managing various sessions, and sending emails. One prime reason because of which CodeIgniter is popular is that it makes the entire developing procedure to be easier and quicker. There are many features of CodeIgniter which helps it in achieving that. And some of those features are mentioned below.

1. Small Footprint
One of the most attractive features of the CodeIgniter which contributes to its speed is that its entire source code framework is only of 2MB. This basically means that one can easily master this software and learn how to effectively use it. It is also easy to deploy and update CodeIgniter because of this fact.

2. Incredibly Fast Speed
It is a commonly known fact that everybody wishes to use applications that come with faster loading speed. And if you have worked with any modern CodeIgniter framework then you would know that it takes around a second for it load right after the installation is complete. With the help of CodeIgniter, you can also download a range of other frameworks within 50ms! This significantly cuts down the time which one might spend optimizing a framework.

3. Loosely Coupled
Another great feature of CodeIgniter which contributes to its speed is that this software can work independently without having to rely on other components too much. This further makes CodeIgniter easy to maintain and further make necessary upgrades.

4. MVC Architecture
Various frameworks use the Model-View-Controller architectural design. This is a rather common or standard practice amongst developers or experts while they are trying to develop new web applications. This architectural design helps in separating the business logic, data, and presentation.

5. Excellent Quality Documentation
The framework for CodeIgniter is rather well documented. This means that you can always access various tutorials, books, or questions and answers on forums to quickly resolve any issue that you might face. So, whenever you encounter a problem you have to do nothing beyond just searching and implementing the solution.

6. Built-In Specific Components
Another thing which makes working with CodeIgniter easy is that you can perform so many features with its help. For example, Codeigniter provides its users with components for sending emails, session management, and database management.

7. Extendibility
One of the most advantageous features of CodeIgniter is that there are many libraries for you to choose from. But if you do not find what you are looking for then you can even create your own libraries, helpers, and packages!

After learning about so many advantageous features of CodeIgniter, you would definitely not want to opt for anything else. There is no match for the speed which you can achieve with CodeIgniter. However, the only hurdle here is that you might not have the right development company to help you.

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