Advantage of Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

Hybrid mobile app
Do You Need a Hybrid Mobile App?

Mobile App Development is the need of an hour. Every hour an app is being developed as per requirement. Let us take a sneak peek into types of Mobile Apps. There are mainly 3 types i.e. Native App, Hybrid App, and Web App. A short briefing about these will be helpful.

Native Applications
Native as the word signifies is related to anything specific or associated with a place. Now we are relating native+app = Native Apps are articulated for the specific operating system. If an app is made for iOS, it will be only for iOS and if an app is required for Android, a new app has to be built again. Softwares’ used to develop these apps generally would be Java and ADT for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS.

Web Apps
It targets browsers working on different mobile operating systems. A mobile web app can be viewed on Windows tablets, Android, iOS and phone devices. Softwares used in developing these are generally JQuery, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Hybrid Applications
Meaning of Hybrid? It is a result of a combination of two different elements. If we relate this to apps it is a combination of Native apps and Web apps. Hybrid apps are built using multi-platform technologies like HTML5, CSS, and, JavaScript. Hybrid apps possess cross-platform compatibility and can access the phone’s hardware too.

Once we nail the difference between apps comes the point of choosing one for your app development. We are sure the maximum of you will prefer Hybrid over the other two. We are jotting down some key advantages of Hybrid Apps which might help you in selection.

Speed and Performance
Hybrid Apps have always succeeded in proving their efficiency with high speed and performance standards. Big brands like Twitter and LinkedIn have relied on Hybrid Apps for years.

Statistics report that 70 percent of users abandon an app due to long-duration loading. The hybrid app helps overcome the challenge with offline accessibility features.

Hybrid Apps Are Easier and Faster to Develop
This saves a lot of time for web developers to leverage other web development operations. Once the code gets ready, the application can be run on both operating systems.

Enhanced UX/UI experience is the crown of Hybrid apps. Hybrid apps have high adaptability to different device screens wherein maintaining fast data display and streaming. UI helps in quick loading of data and graphics. For consistent and flawless user experience Hybrid app is the answer.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance and that too in real-time is a blessing for Hybrid app developers/users. Simplified maintenance calls for less action and less time usage with less cost involved.

Development Cost
A pocket-friendly app is all that needs to be there. Hybrid apps hold a significant advantage in reduced development costs. A single code base is used for different platforms which reduces labor in developing and in turn reducing the cost. The cost, time and labor saved in development can be used in significant marketing to reach a high number of users.

These may not be a complete set of advantages but we have highlighted some. Hybrid apps do come with some lacunas of web and native apps but then too hybrid apps can be counted on. If your budget is a constraint, the plan to go with a hybrid app will always be suggested. Get the best of apps developed with no pain and only gain. Drop your query at Flit Webs and our executives will get back to you with all the solutions.