Mobile Gaming Industry – Generating Big Business From Small Devices

Mobile Games Industry

The mobile gaming industry is booming like never before and it has left all other forms of entertainment when it comes to mobile apps. As per the report by Newzoo report, by 2019, the online gaming industry will generate revenues more than $250 billion.

There was a time when we used to play games on our desktops and laptops. Well, this era also went by. Thanks to the amazing Technologies and smartphones, the new and flawless gaming experience have emerged in the form of mobile game apps. We are living in an era where new smartphones with superior gaming interface are available such as Asus and Razer.

Why the mobile game industry is booming like anything. In this blog, we have discussed some of the reasons and trends for the same.

Free Availability
People don’t want to spend money, especially in games. When it comes to mobile game development, the major source of revenue comes from advertising. It makes it easier for game owners to offer the best games to the users for free. If you check out both Android and iOS platforms, most of the games available there are free to play. They don’t charge any money for playing games. It is a major reason why the gaming industry is booming. However, there are some apps where the game asked you to go for some in-app purchases, but the number is limited.

Low Costs and Funding
When it comes to mobile game design and development, the production costs are not much higher and that is another reason for the immense popularity of the games. Most of the game development processes can be developed with a limited budget as most of the games rely on different other characteristics to attract an audience to the game.

Furthermore, if you end up hiring a mobile game development company located in Asia, your game development costs might go very low, thanks to the currency differences. The coding is easy and does not require much time and other overhead costs are also very low. The total cost of bringing the product in the market is lower compared to other mobile apps falling into different categories. It is also a reason why the game market is flourishing.

Superior Experience
Throughout the day, users want to relax a bit from their hectic schedules and games fill this gap by offering a superior experience to the users. Just play your favorite game for 5 to 10 minute and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition to that, flawless and superlative experience will also make your mood. Whether you are a working professional or a teenager at the campus, you would find a space in your app for some games that relax you a bit at any given time of the day. Who does not want to have some pleasurable moments when they are feeling low and exhausted? Mobile games exactly do that.

Blockchain Games
The new introduction to the gaming industry is superior Blockchain games that have carved a niche for themselves. By using decentralized characteristics of the Blockchain, they can make flawless Blockchain games and also by cutting out the middle man, they can reach out to the audience directly. Also, the costing is limited as you don’t need to get any approvals and permissions as there are no barriers to entry. When a user downloads the game, he has to pay in cryptocurrencies when they want to unlock different features of the games.

You must have at least one game on your mobile phone when you can directly play the game with another player located at distance. This concept is called eSports and it has taken the industry by storm. Two or multiple players can play the game together with amazing virtual experience irrespective of their locations and time zones. It is another reason why users want to spend more time on the app and resulting in revenues from media rights, advertising and sponsorship. Most of the game developers are trying to target these models as the revenues are high and the market has a superior potential for growth.