Why Should you go for Ionic App Development

ionic app development

Mobile apps have carved a niche for itself by offering some excellent benefits to the businesses and you can notice that all the big companies and enterprises are coming up with their mobiles application versions to reach out to their target audience. Users love to interact with the company through mobile application rather than websites and that is the reason why mobile apps are becoming popular across the globe.

However, one of the most noticeable dilemmas that app developers face is to choose the right platform for mobile application development. There was a time when developers preferred native apps compared to hybrid apps due to some astonishing reasons. Native apps were scoring more marks when it comes to performance and Speed. However, after the introduction of the Ionic platform, things have taken a paradigm shift. The Ionic app development answers all the questions that puzzled developers since long and it is considered as one of the most preferred mobile app development platforms now.

Why one should go for Ionic app development? Here are some lucrative reasons that developers cannot ignore.

ionic framework

Ionic is An Open-Source Framework
Though open-source frameworks are in use for many years, one of the issues that developers faced with open-source frameworks is that they are unstable and might crash the app. However, it is not the issue with the Ionic framework. It is very stable, reliable and durable in terms of speed and performance. Also, Ionic is a free framework that saves a lot of money for the app developer. Last, but not the least, understanding Ionic app development is easy and even the beginners with little knowledge can develop apps easily and quickly.

Developers Prefer an Ionic Framework
One universal rule about developers is that they prefer programming languages and frameworks that reduce their efforts and time. The ionic framework does the same and that is the reason developers prefer it over other frameworks. You don’t need to write codes for each element separately. All you need to do is to hire an Ionic app developer and he will just pick and choose different elements and features such as forms, filters, action sheets, navigation menu, tab bars and list views. Developers can spend more time on other important features rather than working hard on UI elements.

A Large Community of Helpers
Furthermore, the Ionic framework is based on Cordova and Angular and you don’t need to start from scratch. If you are confused or having difficulties developing apps, there is a large community available for your help and support. There are members available for you to support during the process development. This is a huge relief for developers as they can get instant answers for their queries and concerns.

Thanks, Angular
One of the most preferred and popular frameworks for mobile app and web app development is Angular that has some incredible features and benefits for developers. Here too, AngularJS is used for application structure that makes things easy for developers. Developers can make highly-functional and superior mobile apps on the Ionic platform that performs smoothly and efficiently.

One Code For All
Developers hate it when they have to do separate design and development for both- android and iOS. However, with Ionic app development, it is not the issue as it allows developers to develop cross-platform apps smoothly. The code that was used for Android development can be reused for iOS app development and that reduces the efforts and time of the developers.

Cordova Plugins
Plugins are that magical piece of JavaScript formatted code that is attached to your app and performs different actions and things. In the Ionic framework, Cordova plugins are giving some real-time access to different features such as location, battery, camera, gallery and other crucial features.

Also, the testing of apps made in the Ionic platform is easy and streamlined. All you need to do is to hire an Ionic mobile app development company and that will be all. They will understand your requirements and develop an app that serves the core purpose.