Hello from an all new Flit Webs

Have you had a chance to look at the brand new Flit Webs yet?
We are super excited about it!You came up with such amazing ideas that we not only took notice, but also got some of them in.

So here is the big change

New Brand Logo of flit webs

New Brand Logo of flit webs

So here is the all new Flit Webs for you, and by you! We have changed our logo, design, colours and much more to keep pace with you. So this change is dedicated to you, our dear customer.

  1. New logo, New look.
    The new Flit Webs is a fresh and smooth experience that is designed to energize you. The site now has a soul of it’s own – a living, breathing creature! If only I was allowed to name it
  2. Deals, redefined.
    Way more number of deals that our team has brought in for you. You can now see a highlight of the deals on the home page. Click on them, and you’d reach the Coupons page
  3. Host Now, #GoOnline Today
    once you host your website. you get notifications by email or SMS

So has everything changed? Actually, no!:-)You still have the same trust and 24/7 care like before.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Flit Webs!

Stay charged.

Flit Webs Team