Domain Privacy Protect administration The decision is currently yours!

The Domain Privacy Protection service ensures that contact information associated with your domain name is not visible publicly. It does this by replacing all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information, as shown in the screenshot below:


Without Privacy Protection for your domain name, your contact information is public and visible to anyone who does a WHOIS check on your domain name. Essentially if anyone wanted to contact you to buy your domain name or sell you some services, all they needed to do was to look you up on an easily available WHOIS lookup tool

As most of you are aware FlitWebs used to bundle privacy protect as a free service with every domain name until recently. We have moved away from this bundling strategy and would like to share our perspective on this change.

Back in the day, buying a domain name was an expensive affair; prices ran as high as $60 for a .com domain. Even though prices dropped significantly over the years, it was financially feasible for domain registrars to offer value added services like Privacy protect, email and more. Off late, Domain prices have taken a dive and you can now get a domain name for as low as Rs.600. This is great news no doubt from a customer’s perspective, but for a registrar margins on domain names allow us minimal legroom to bundle value added products like privacy protect.

We looked at our internal data and realized that not all our customers enabled Privacy Protect even though it was bundled free. This was a clear message to us that some of you valued privacy protect and some of you did not. So we decided to offer you the choice. Essentially those customers who want privacy protect bundled with a domain name can get a sweet 40% off on Privacy Protect or those of you who wish to go for the domain name only, can avail of all the awesome domain discount options that we have or continue to bring in the near future.

We always believe in being honest and transparent with our customers and we hope this post has given you a sense of our rationale behind this change.