Stop your website being “HACKED” with FlitWebs


Ever left a site page since it approached you for delicate data like your Credit card number or PAN Card subtle elements? Ever had a feeling of uncertainty while skimming certain pages on the web?

Well an expansive rate of web clients generally leave sites when gotten some information about themselves, basically in light of the fact that it was not a safe site. By a safe site we mean empowering a guaranteed security on to your site.

Flitwebs offers you Sitelock SSL Certificates, which is a Verisign organization and was the first organization worldwide to begin offering Digital Certificates. The SSL Certificate is one of the most seasoned and the most dependable Digital Certificates in the business today. Furthermore showing a Sitelock seal on your site guarantees your clients that your endorsement has been issued by the best in the business. At Flitwebs you can buy them at moderate costs beginning at simply Rs 948/year.

In this way, why purchase a Digital Certificate through us?

Organization with the best in the Industry!

Our organization with Sitelock permits us to offer the most trusted brand of Digital Certificates. There are numerous less expensive Digital Certificate variations accessible in the business. Sitelock organization – the first organization to begin offering Digital Certificates around the world.

Unmatched quality

Don’t trade off on a SSL Cert by purchasing a less expensive brand. A vast rate of web clients leave sites when gotten some information about themselves, just on the grounds that the site was not a safe site. Indeed a solitary client, who leaves your site in light of the fact that they were not happy in submitting data to your site, may wind up costing you significantly more than the expense of your SSL Cert.

Pick the ideal one for you

We offer different distinctive Digital Certificates to suite your Business Needs. Contingent upon your business size, and the essentialness of security on your site, you have different above choices accessible to you for acquiring Digital Certificate